I am Caecilia Gunawan. I was born in Surabaya, Indonesia 21 years ago. I go to a University in West Surabaya.

I started this blog in December 2010. This blog is full of the results of my makeup work.

Before I decided to became makeup artist, I've ever learned about photography and photo editing. And by the time, i felt makeup artist is suit me best. So I decided to take a classes at a beauty school and some private course.

I love makeup artistry so much. I love fashion runway, I love fashion editorial photoshoot and I love movie so much, so I decided my makeup career specialized in cinema, fantasy and beauty glamour makeup. But, that does not mean I don't like party or bridal makeup. I love them too and I can do it ;). I love creativity and innovation. In Indonesia, the supplies of makeup fantasy not many are sold like in America. But I don't give up and I keep thinking what is a material replacement that can be used for my makeup. I can use every little thing which sometime people think that they can't use for beauty artistry.

Sometime people were surprised with the results of my makeup, because in this city the current trend is bridal, evening or a little bit glamour makeup like Lady Gaga. 

My makeup is usually use by photographer or production house to the character that they want. I help them think about the final result. I think about the costume and hair. I was able to work in a team and I always think outside of the box. Every little things can become my inspiration.

If you want to use my services as your makeup artist, you can click the "CONTACT." tab.

Thank you for your attention and for visit my blog. :)